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XiaPu photography tips

发布:2015-11-14 17:07来源:霞浦摄影网

XiaPu, a scenery beautiful place like name. Chardonnay, sunrise, sunset; Pu, the water's edge or rivers). Pu XiaPu, chardonnay, peer, namely qixia, or chariot moving with the tide, the colorful. 
XiaPu, located in the northeast of fujian, mountain face the sea, is China's famous "township of the seaweed", "the hometown of nori", as one of the top ten photography base at the same time. Long coastline, shallow sea and fine sandy beaches, not only for Marine plant provides the advantageous natural conditions, as well as unique scenery photography provides a rare.

To XiaPu transportation is very convenient and can take the train to Shanghai, fuzhou 40 minutes to; Or take a long-distance bus from xiamen, from wenzhou and other places, all the way high-speed, convenient and quick. Arrived to XiaPu county, also can live outside of the half an hour's drive away from the county seat of three sand, because from here to be relatively close to the scenic spot of shooting, and go out the sea, seasky, than live in the county town of choking feeling much more comfortable.

To shoot XiaPu about what time, all the year round just scenery is different. Summer typhoons, but the clouds rolling, waves of monstrous is worth a shot; Autumn and winter is not very cold, dry and little rain, are more likely to catch up with the fine weather.

 Best to shoot XiaPu, tuxedo, the biggest advantage is convenient, accommodation of traffic in the membership fee, worry, and don't have to worry about shopping. Because this kind of photography is folk spontaneous, there appeared to be no formal XiaPu travel agencies, teachers are headed by a local photographer "guest".

 XiaPu has several local guide teacher taken, one of the more well-known teacher surnamed he, three locals, intuitive impression is a lean, smart and capable of "yongjiaxian sanjing" the little old man. But all that glitters is not gold, his head against the "member of China photographers' association", "ten outstanding photographer in fujian province" and other circular halo, he with XiaPu scenery as the theme of photography prize in various game in several times. As a guide, he is very dedicated, very professional. He is very familiar with the terrain, not only know where is what time do the best, and be familiar with astronomical phenomena, skilled in forecasting the weather situation, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, tide and tide. Follow the teacher, not let you fan the air.  

XiaPu can take place many, north gaps, the east wall, Mr Yao, old barrels, ShaJiang, wai, small hao jiang small hao east, west and Yang Guxi... Can take many things, sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, sea, beach, sea fishing village laver field, kelp, harvest... The biggest characteristic, is like kua fu chasing the sun. Four gets up at five o 'clock in the morning every day (I'm afraid the summer earlier), mouth in a hurry breakfast on my way; Finished the sunrise, seven at eight o 'clock in the morning to return to the hotel, can in big sleep all day long; Four or five in the afternoon, again to film the sunset, the sky is dark to return three sand, enjoying a seafood dinner, you can go back to save your strength. Almost every day.

 XiaPu, however, the scenery is very good at "suddenly turn hostile", in the sunrise sunset, XiaPu poem, let a person full of praise, taps are; And plum-coloured XiaPu appears as is black and white again, let you don't even have raised the desire of the camera. Such a strong contrast, not on the local can't empathy. The condition of the dusty, flat light, yellow yellow sea, post-processing is a headache. 

XiaPu point is a purely photography, rather than the destination, if it is with a small digital to travel, I'm afraid that in addition to passing addiction can only be harvested little. To take XiaPu, you must be well prepared before you go: the SLR cameras, wide Angle and telephoto, tripod, gradient mirror, large capacity memory card, spare batteries, one can't be little. Because most of the scene to shoot down from a height, and distance, so it's best equipped with more than 400 mm focal length of the telephoto lens (conditional also can match from the mirror). Facts prove that it is very necessary. Although "the trench" does not light, but from the perspective of the process of filming, sunken point, tired also worth completely.

 XiaPu so-called attractions, precisely, should be taken, so far no charge. These places have beenphotographed guide teacher taken according to the perennial experience to select the "treasure". Benefit is protect let you make the things, the bad is making things probably due to the Angle, point is similar to the same. Think not the same, it is hard to do "a man without I have, this time can be to work hard, strive to" people have me ".

North gaps: the film was a great place. Filming location is actual mountain natural formation of the coast, but from the surface is quite high, standing there just like standing on the edge of a cliff, lest one not careful short pleasure, long lament.  

The tide not to morning light, when the tide goes out left littered tidal flats of texture, the 3322 fishermen walking on the beach, like grain scattered on the ground. Before sunrise, filming tidal flats is a best choice.

 When the sun rising from behind the clouds that filling the sun always brings a new day of hope and hope. In the urban jungle, rarely see the sunrise, and in the open sea to see sunrise on the sea, always let a person got excited.  

The soft side of the warm light in the morning, the expression often bring a surprise to people. You see, ready to put out to sea fishermen against the sun, in the laver field bamboo forest of GangCha quietly waiting for high tide, when the tide to lift hull, they'll be driving the boat, sail to the depths of the sea.  

Master the boat out to sea, and the dog is on the beach, looking at the bark from the vessel. It wandered restlessly on the beach, both don't want to stop, also dare not rashly into the water, only reluctantly't.  

The ancient barrels: the origin of the name probably originated from the gulf, it is because the gulf is almost surrounded by mountains in all directions. Due to the unique geographical environment, there are a lot of seaweed field. Originally only eat seaweed, but never know what kind of seaweed is out. Come to XiaPu, to have the opportunity to close to see nori field.

 Laver field built in shallow water, tall and erect the bamboo of lane, intermediate fluctuations can along with the tide of rigging is equal to the flower-beds, laver is long in the above. They float on the surface, when the water is at high tide the sea they are suspended in the air at low tide. When picking laver, the boat is in the meantime, like BaiShang line, constitute the elegantly worthy of the name "sea cultivated figure".

Ancient barrels on the other side of the mountain there is a small village, if catch up with the ideal weather conditions, can be on to find a good Angle shot a few Zhang Haijing in village high.  

Sunshine through these appear like a huge net and on the sea, the silver of the sea, ships beautiful beautiful silhouette. Under the backlight photography, the result is always a little surprised but also pleasantly surprised, because the contrast strongly, picture is black and white effect. 

Wai jiang: this place is on the way to the sea fishing village, scenic spots, is the side of the road. The sea is very empty, only a stand out in the hills like a steamed bread soak in the water. Actually for photography, some can take, is the scenic spots.

 On a piece of golden sun to earth. Moored at the shore of the boat with phnom penh, silently waiting for the tide, push them.

 Sea fishing village: the groves of bamboo raft breathtaking in the bay. Boat on the water, water birds flying in the sky, everywhere full of vitality. Viewed from above, the sea "buildings" vertical and horizontal farms, orderly, and land on the housing construction pattern of the street.  

Pat sea fishing boat first pass through the "village" to the other side, climbed up the opposite of bivouac, commanding, can take in everything in a glance, also can let the wide Angle and telephoto give full play to the role under the side light.

 ShaJiang: this is the only place to shoot at noon. The location is a primary school in the roof. If not with personal relationship of the teacher, and the guide is however not in the students' lunch breaks into the quiet campus.

 The roof edge. Due to the terrain, here quite a broad vision. Haven't the sea at high tide, and fishing boats in the nap, only restless deterrent to fly over the low houses.  

With the rising tide, channel finally opened. One boat, open water, dragging long trail, through the bamboo forest of seaweed fields, gradually disappeared in the distance.

Small white: a small harbor. The small hao east, as the name implies, is the east side of the small hao. This is a good place for photographing harbour in the evening. When the tide goes out, the beach will remain a bit of water, mapping the skylight. As the change of the sky, the colour of the beach also can produce amazing changes, often can appear unexpected scene. Perhaps this is the same place often shoot often new truth.  

The tide may be nature's most beautiful painter. Her smooth brushwork, aplomb, whether it is light or dark ink, coloured drawing or pattern, always flowing in her works, and each are not identical. Small hao is her masterpiece, even no rosy clouds, the beach is also can present a fascinating picture: low tide like mercury, ever drifting boat has silenced, black and white ash bring picture fascinating and rich tone, and yourself, as if shrouded in the bright moon radiance.

 Layers of waves on the beach, gently, contrasting with the overflow with, for the picture added a sense of rhythm, and the fish slowly while girls like slow flow of notes.  

Small white: as the name implies, is on the west side of the small hao, is a good place along the filming of the harbour light in the evening. When the fishermen tread the setting sun home, you have what feeling?  

This place also has a native "model", that is fish. May be in order to protect the skin, they are wearing a sun hat, use the color towel wrapped up oneself, only from under the brim of crevice peep out a pair of bright eyes, then simple look like two wang colchicine, and like the pingtan, pass a smile once in a while, swing like a calm on the surface of the ripples.

Yang Guxi: this is a big banyan tree is famous for its scenic spots. What time arrived Yang Guxi shoot big banyan is very exquisite. Soon, the sun is not enough; Too late, the day has pledge, have the ideal effect of sunlight transmission branches and leaves. If not for the sun and the vehicle running local time grasp very accurate, can only be lucky.

Catch up with the good is not enough light, light have orchestrated "model", and create the ideal effect of fireworks.

F: yao is a bay, there is a big island and some islands on the sea, behind the big island is the home of the sun, successive a few islands that are like the sun home garden, also just can be used as a prospect. The silhouette of the diffused light, the island is like whales back floating on the surface, but when hongxia penetrate clouds landed on the island, the sea was diffused dyed red.

Astronomical phenomena in the morning before sunrise changing in quiet, look at the strange sight, always let a person cannot be calm heart, even some of the surge of emotion surge. Like fish scales are arranged orderly clouds began to gather, the gorgeous clouds is dazzling, reminiscent of the peacock, lenovo to dress clothes.

If you are lucky enough, you can also see the wonders that launching a road wonderful beam on the distant sea, pour down like a waterfall, and formed a huge canopy!

The east wall: is one of the shooting the location of the sunset. Stand on the shore of prominent boulders, breeze xu, mind ripples, panoramic view of the bay of the evening.

Fishermen hard work day away back in the calm harbor, they harvest aquatic products, also harvest the hope of life. Heavy burden on their shoulders, barefoot goes, leave footprints.

Although the sun has been falling, immersed in a glow of the obsession with photography people are still reluctant to go, for a long time unwilling to leave, what would happen if still waiting for a miracle.

People in XiaPu photography, fully understand the photograph (light) the meaning of a word, learning the unique function of light  on the screen, and more to appreciate the charm of light. In a sense, the scene is picked. If your ideal light at that time, seemingly insipid things will also be endowed with magic.

Want to take better ones? Go to the XiaPu!!!!

XiaPu, a spotlight by the shadow of place, a YunJueBoGui, kaleidoscope, the dream is unreal, elusive bay, a knowing is dream are reluctant to abrupt sober.